Clean Roof & Flexi Point

Clean Roof, Flexi Point & Seal

Cement Tile Roof Restoration

A popular option for those who don't want to re-colour but too tidy up the roof. Usually the tiles have good colour so the finish looks great, the pointing is matched to the tile colour. A clear sealer is another popular option as it prolongs the clean look of the tile for longer. The roof is assessed and quoted for its requirements.



Roofers Safety Pole installed on tiled roof
Installation of permanent Anchor Points
Guardrail installed on iron roof
Working Platforms installed for limited access sites
Knuckle Boom used on steep pitched roofs
Safety Pole, ladder guard, harness

  • Site assessed
  • Safety anchor points installed
  • Ladder locks installed
  • SWMS filled in
  • Roofers Safety Pole Installed
  • Trained Tradespersons



Stripped ridge caps ready for new bedding
Replaced valley irons set in place
Corner Hip Tray installed
Grinding back to expose edge of cap to remove old pointing & to straighten edge
Drill weep holes in cement tile roofs
Replacement of broken tiles

Each roof has different areas that need attention from broken tiles, rusted valley irons through to bedding problems. At time of quoting these are identified and best trade practices are put into place.

Common areas repaired:

  • Replacement of broken tiles
  • Cleaning out behind chimneys
  • Cleaning out around skylights
  • Ridge cap preparation
  • Rebedding to ridge caps
  • Hip trays fitted in corners
  • Gables cut back in ready for repointing
  • Brackets, flashings & flue seals checked
  • Weep holes drilled as needed.



Downpipes covered to prevent blocking
Gutters flushed out
Roof tiles high pressure cleaned
Fascia boards and gutters cleaned down after pressure cleaning
Ridge caps cleaned
Water tank pipes rediverted

Careful preparation goes into the process before cleaning takes place, which includes

  • Disconnect water tanks
  • Broken tiles replaced
  • Exhaust fans covered
  • Solar panels covered
  • Gutters cleaned out
  • Downpipes disconnected
  • Downlights covered
  • Vehicles removed from near roof
  • Roof tiles are now ready for the cleaning process. 3500psi of water is used in this process.
  • Job site is cleaned and the downpipes reconnected.



Cleaned ridge caps & flexi pointed
Drilled weep holes cleared once flexi pointed
Flexi point applied by trowel
Flexible pointing applied last for new roof look
Weep holed & flexible pointed last

  • Flexi Pointing is applied by a trowel 3-5mm thick along the sides of the ridge caps & gable tiles to provide waterproof tile joins.
  • Flexible pre-mixed compound that can withstand harsh winds.
  • Specially formatted to flex with natural roof movement
  • Seals & holds ridge capping into place.
  • Finished to a smooth even layer.



Application of gp primer to tiles
Application of first colour coat
Showing half painted roof first coat
Finished tiles with two coats of colour
Painted finish around chimney flashings
Cover solar panels to avoid over spray

  • Recommended for tiles with high colour & oxide still present
  • Ideal to keep the original tile colour for longer
  • Prolongs the clean tile for longer
  • Recommend on cement tiles or non-glazed tiles
  • Cannot guarantee as sealer breaks down, similar to varnish on decking boards

Ridge capping with no weep holes

Ridge capping with no weep holes

Weep holes inserted through new bedding

Weep holes inserted through new bedding

Weep holes cleared through new flexi point

Weep holes cleared through new flexi point

Clear out old cement bedding replace valley

Clear out old cement bedding replace valley

Close in valley and seal extra cement tiles

Close in valley and seal extra cement tiles

Cut open valley and seal

Cut open valley and seal

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