Roof restorations make your roof secure in the winter time. By applying coatings on your tiles it repels water effectively into your gutters & off your roof keeping your ceilings dry.

Many people often say to us "Well I like the moss on my roof", well that it until the water courses become blocked and water drips into roof cavity... By having clean gunk free tiles the water is able to flow off the roof quicker and into the gutters. Any build-up of moss, dirt in water courses, dislodged mortar & grass growing in gutters prevents the water from moving freely and may cause several issues for water leakage.

The roof restoration doesn't have to be about applying the colour coats to look great, but also about making sure that all the fundamentals on the roof are working correctly. Inexperienced tradesmen & cheap jobs provide "restorations" that are effective as long as it doesn't rain. Careful consideration into what you are actually being quoted for is important in the longevity of the work. Look At This Roof prides itself in providing solutions for our customers that create real solutions and longevity in the work we carry out. We provide a service that in the long run saves our customers money as they don't have to do repeat repairs.

If you are after effective restoration work call us at Look At This Roof and we will be more than happy to provide a free quote & great advice for all your roofing requirements. Thanks & bye for now.