In winter time your roof gets battered by the elements. It's also a time to think about birds – with spring approaching and the roof cavity being a favourite place for nesting – call us to provide a quote to bird proof your roof.

Birds can get into the smallest of gaps, we find the most common areas to be in the gutter under the edge of iron roofs or the hump in the tiles & the corner caps as these have not been sealed correctly.

We assess the problem and discuss the best solution with the customers. We have several options including individual bird blocks & bird strips, to our Gutter Great which fits into the gutter and stops any gaps. Both methods are very successful and we have had great results.

The methods for installing these vary as with iron corrugated roofs we have to unscrew the tech screws & lift up the sheets to fit the strips then secure back down. With tiles each individual tile along the gutter line is lifted up and the blocks fitted. Part of our service when fitting the bird blocks is to remove the nests that we can reach, quite often with baby birds in them. In one particular house in the Lara area we removed over 100 nests from under the metal ridge capping, in under the valley tiles & in the gutter eaves!

We have found that the new houses without eaves are also a fantastic place for birds to nest, the simply go in the gutter and into the roof cavity. We have installed Gutter Great to combat this problem as they cannot squeeze under the corrugations and cannot push the specially formatted foam down.

If you have read this and would like us to assess your roof for bird entry please fill in a contact form and we will arrange this. Thanks & bye for now.